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Brest, Belarus 21-22 May 2014: Swedish-Belarusian Literary Days

Flyer from 2013. 
Writer Natalka Babina will come to Brest.
Poet Anita Jacobson, Stöde, Sweden.

The Swedish-Belarusian Literary days started 2002 in the city of Pinsk. The Youth Poetry Cup is an important part of the event. This year approx 150 youngsters have applied for participation in youth poetry slam in Brest oblast.

Wednesday 21 May:
At the library 16.00–19:00

Thursday 22 May
Study visit.

At the library 15:00–19:00

Friday 23 May
To Minsk.


The full list of participants will be presented very soon, but we´re happy to tell that these writers and producers will come:

Anita Jacobsson, Stöde, Sweden
Sissel Almgren, Sweden
Natalka Babina, Minsk/Brest
Nikolay Aleksandrov, Brest
Jaryna Dashina, Brest

Ales Papluski
Photografer Maria Söderberg will show pictures and tell about summer life in Swedish Lapland. And about the history of the mine from 1635, Nasafjäll. 

21 May at 18:00:
Music producer
Searhei Budkin, Minsk about his projects; speech and video.
Musician and poet Uladzimir Liankievič 

Uladzimir Liankievič 

Open Youth Poetry Slam
Poet Sissel Almgren.

Arranged by Litteraturresan/Belarus with the support of Sida, 
The Swedish Academy, and the Library in Brest.

Literary days was organized in Brest, Minsk and Berioza 2012 - but partly the next 2013 year (due to visa problems after the closing down of embassies) in Lviv, Ukraine, but also in Brest 2014 in Vilnius - and Brest. 

Vilnius 16–8 May:

Nasafjäll; the silver and lead mine started to operate 1635.
Photo Maria Söderberg

From 2012: Svetlana Aleksievitj and Ales Razanau in Brest. 

Visit to Brest fort 2012.

Jana Frolén, Sara Lundberg, Lina Ekdahl
Kajsa Öberg Lindsten. 

Voting for best in Youth poetry in Brest 2012.

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