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Lviv, Ukraine: Belarusian-Swedish Literary Days 2013, May 17–19

For Belarus!
See you in Lviv!

Due to the present situation in Belarus, when we can't guarantee that our writers – and other guests – could enter the country, we've decided to temporarily move to Ukraine. 
We specially invites our audience and partners in Belarus to join us!  
Thank you – the city and people of Lviv! 


Updatesd programme 13/5  2013. 

Friday 17/5

10.00-11.00 Swedish writers meets students in Scandinavian languages. 

Sichovykh Striltsiv 19, The Swedish Room

Press meeting: The Book store, Prospekt Svobody 7.
Daniel Gustafsson Pech, The Swedish Institute, with

Svetlana Aleksievitj, Minsk
Oksana Zabuzhko, Kiev
Jenny Wrangborg, Stockholm

Les Kurbas Theatre:
14.00–14.25 OPEN MIC Would you like to join?  
jana.frolen@gmail.com (2-4 minutes for each).

Seminars at Les Kurbas Theatre:
Uladzimir Arlou:The Writer and the Regime. Censorship in a Country that Claims to Have No Censorship” (45 min)
Barys Pjatrovitj: Contemporary Belarusian Literature”. (45 min)
Svetlana Aleksievitj: ”Vocies from Big Utopia”. (45 min)

FOR BELARUS! An evening at Les Kurbas Theatre. 
Our master of ceremonies: Mykola Bereza. 
Opening speech: Barys Pjatrovitj, Chair person Independent Writer´s Union. 
Writer Svetlana Aleksievitj, Oksana Zabuzhko and Andrej Khadanovitjpoet Jenny Wrangborgpoet and translator Dmitri Plax and Ambassador Stefan Eriksson.
Myroslav Marynovych, Director of the Institute of Religion and Society of the Lviv Theological Institute and Ukrainian PEN.
Musician´s Daniel Wikslund and Zmitser Vajtsiusjkevitj. 

Saturday 18/5

For our guests: Guided tour in Lviv or a visit to The Nekropolia museum. 
Start at Hotel Lviv.

12.00–12.45 Poetry in prison with Oksana Zabuzhko, Dmitri Plax and Lev Hrytsyuk
Tyiurma na Lontskoho (Prison at Lontskoho Street). 1, Stepan Bandera str.
We will read poems written by todays prisoners in Belarus: Uladzimir Njakliajeu and Ales Bjaljatski. 

14.00–14.25 14.00–14.25 OPEN MIC Would you like to join?  jana.frolen@gmail.com (2-4 minutes for each).

Seminars at Les Kurbas Theatre: 
14.30–15.15 Natalka Babina: ”Brest region is a land of intertwining roots: Belarus and Ukraine in the history and human destinies”.
15.30–16.15  Andrej Khadanovitj: "Literary translation and its place in the current Belarusian literature".
16-30 – 17.00 Discussion (more information later). 

17.15 – 18.00 OPEN MIC Would you like to join?  
jana.frolen@gmail.com (2-4 minutes for each).
Sissel Almgren, Härnösand. 

18.30 Presentation of Poetry Cup for youth in Brest region 2003–2012.
Nadya Avisevitj, Kalegium NGO.
2013 Poetry winners: Julia Kapuza and Evgenia Prakapchuk. 

For Belarus! Evening programme at Les Kurbas Theatre.
Veronika Fomina and Svetlana Ben, Barys Pjatrovitj, Natalka Babina, Alesia Basjarymava and Uladzimir Arlou.  
Musician's Daniel Wikslund and Zmitser Vajtsiusjkevitj.

Bruno Schulz

Sunday 19/5

Bus from Lviv. Literary guided tour and lunch in Drohobycz in the  footsteps of Bruno Schulz (1892–1942). 
Our guide is Andrij Pavlyshyn. 
The guided tour will end around 14.00 (2 p m).
Dept. to Lviv.

Swedish Lapland meets Ukrainian Carpathians. 
Daniel Wikslund and Petro Petrovych. Some of the musicians from HYCH will also join during the evening. 
Place: Dzyga Kvartyra 35 (http://dzyga.com/content/view/63/191/lang,en/).


Updating of the programme will always be here on this site!
Producer Maria Söderberg info@mariafoto.se
and Lev Hrytsyuk. 

Please find more articles about Literary day  - 2013 in Brest here:

Photo - N. Ablozhei, A. Kuhotskovolets

About Swedish-Belarusian Poetry days in Brest region 2013:

Our guests at
The Lviv International Children's Festival:

Translation of Pippi Långstrump: Dmitri Plax
Time: 17 May 12:00-12:50
Place: Palace of Arts, L'UFT

Contemporary Swedish Literature for Children:
Daniel Gustafsson Pech
Time: 17 May 13:00-13:50
Place: Palace of Arts, Navchabava

Mama Mu with Veronica Fomina and  Svetlana Ben. 
Time: 18 May 13:00-13:50
Place: Palace of Arts, Navchabava

A muscial journey in Swedish Lapland. Musician Daniel Wikslund.
Time: 16:00-16:50
Place: Palace of Arts, Hall, 2 Floor

More information here:


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