måndag 7 januari 2013

In Warszaw 9/1! The Swedish-Belarusian Literary Journey

The Swedish-Belarusian Literary Journey 2006 at ”Svenskberget”. The literary trips has been running
since 2002. It´s all started in Pinsk. Today the Producer Maria Söderberg is forbidden to enter Belarus and The Swedish ambassador Mr Stefan Eriksson is expelled
 from the country. 

The Swedish-Belarusian Literary Journey. Press meeting and readings with Svieta Kurs and others (more information soon).No entrance fee. We invite you for tea and coffee!

Place: Café Ukryte Miasto. Wednesday January, 9 2013. 
Noakowskiego 16, Warsaw, PL.
+22 270 23 88
At 6.30-7.30 PM
Invitation: The Swedish-Belarusian Literary Journey in co-opertion with Café Ukryte Miasto.

Producer Maria Söderberg will tell about coming plans. Altough the Literary Journey can´t travel in Belarus for the moment, we´ll continue in other countries. 
The Swedish-Belarusian Literary Journey started 2002 in Pinsk. It´s supported by Swedish institute and Swedish Art Council and a lot of Belarusian organisation´s including local and regional administration.

And it will get a little bit personal, too. Maria Söderberg has been travelling to Belarus for over 70 times. Mainly to co-operate on social and cultural issues. December, 28 2012 she was refused visa second time for entering Belarus. No explanation.
The invitation (this time) came from The Kalegium Museum, Pinsk, for a memorial exhibition (opening 11.1.2013) about her friend Aleksej Dubrovskij in Pinsk.


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