lördag 20 februari 2016

Books from Belarus / Litteraturresan at Warsaw Book fair 19–22 May 2016

Warsaw Book Fair! 

Welcome to stand No. 24/H. A small open stage and meeting place!

Books From Belarus: A non-commercial project aimed at promoting the best contemporary Belarusian literature abroad. It presents best fiction, non-fiction and poetry, recently published by independent Belarusian publishers.
Litteraturresan/Belarus-Sverige: Our focus are writers' work and the free speech. The Literary Journey Belarus-Sweden has been going on since 2002. Everything started in Pinsk, Polesia. During last years our activities has taken place in Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Sweden and Poland.

Saturday 21/5 7 p m  
Instytut Reportażu: I kärlek och krig / In love and war / W miłości i na wojnie / У каханні і вайне
Evening with Music & Literature. Concert with Zmitser Vaitsiusjkevitj (Todar VajciuŠkiskieviČ)
Readings Nasta Kudasava, Maryja Rouda, Ebba Witt-Brattström and Anders Bodegård.
Place: http://instytutr.pl/pl/faktyczny-dom-kultury/ ul. Gałczyńskiego 7, Warszawa
Free entrance. 
(The concert about 50 min. Readings 50 min. Snacks etc. will be served).

Contact persons:
Nadzeja Kandrusevich, manager
Aliaksandra Dvaretskaya, project coordinator
Maria Söderberg, producer Litteraturresan/Belarus-Sverige +46703500555 www.belaruslitteratur.blogspot.se

Our stand 24/H. 

With the support from Swedish institute.

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